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The VIIAFOOD project was approved in 2022, as part of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), to drive the transformation of the Portuguese agrifood sectora and increase the competitiveness of national companies

The consortium, composed of companies, laboratories, and associations from the sector, is led by MC and coordinated by PortugalFoods.
It promises to develop more than 130 new products, services, and processes by 2025, in line with national and international trends in healthy eating and sustainability.

The research and development of new products and the improvement of production processes through new technologies will contribute to the promotion of healthier and more sustainable eating, in line with global nutrition and sustainability trends, as well as to the empowerment of this sector of the Portuguese economy, increasing its international competitiveness.

VIIAFOOD represents aglobal investment of €110 million, with about 50% funded by the RRF and the remaining 50% funded by private investment.

In total, the consortium is comprised of 29 companies from different areas of activity in the agrifood sector and 20 non-business entities such as universities, sectoral associations and collaborative laboratories.